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Telfer Executive Leadership Program


Why Unions?

Please find below two articles written by Bill Cole who is well known to many of you. The idea for the two articles came from a conversation I had with Bill following the April 2018 module of our CPA Executive Leadership Program.

Today, there is little doubt that all unions, including police associations, find themselves facing unforeseen challenges and dealing with increasing complexities in their workplaces. These changes, coupled with higher expectations from their memberships, continue to have an enormous impact on the role of police associations.

These two articles look at the past, present and future of police associations; their importance in the workplace and their role in ensuring the wellbeing of police association members and their families.

I encourage you to include both of these articles in upcoming issues of your association newsletters and any electronic publications.


Tom Stamatakis


"A Changing Environment: Taking Representation to a Higher Level"

"Why Unions? The Role of Police Associations in the Twenty-First Century"

Executive Leadership 3-module Program


The Telfer School of Management at the University of Ottawa (Telfer) has delivered a very successful, three-module program in Executive Leadership for the Canadian Police Association since 2009. To date over 150 graduates have received their Professional Certificates in Executive Leadership.

Program Design

The program is designed primarily for elected leaders and executive staff of the constituent associations of the CPA and their international colleagues.  Representatives of other employee associations or unions will also be invited to participate. The three modules of the program include:

Module I: Leadership, Advocacy and Communications (April 2025)

  • leadership development and performance;
  • advocacy and government relations,
  • media and communications

Module II: Advanced Negotiations and the Psychology of Bargaining (May 2-4 2024)

  • Bargaining
  • Negotiation
  • Member Issues

Module III: Strategic Choices, Implementation and Governance (September 2024)

  • strategy choices and planning,
  • implementation of strategic plans
  • governance

Professional Certificate

Those who complete all three courses will receive a special ‘Professional Certificate in Executive Leadership’ offered jointly by the Telfer School of Management and the Canadian Police Association.


The course is offered at Telfer’s Centre for Executive Leadership at 99 Bank Street, Suite 200, Ottawa.

REGISTRATION LIMITED! This offer is exclusively open to CPA member associations and other public service associations and unions. Register now and avoid disappointment

Registration fee includes:

  • all program materials
  • three days of instruction from leading experts
  • 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches and nutrition breaks
  • course certificate from the Canadian Police Association and University of Ottawa



Rotman Governance, Risk and Financial Litteracy Program


The Rotman School of Management in partnership with the Canadian Police Association have developed a three-day “Governance, Risk and Financial Literacy Program” (GRFLP) designed specifically for police association Board members.


The Program is a customized curriculum designed to:

·         Enhance the participants’ knowledge of their roles, duties, and responsibilities as board members.

·         Provide a framework for good governance in the context of member associations.

·         Offer tools to enhance the effectiveness of boards of member associations.

·         Clarify the concept of financial literacy and board members’ responsibilities and duties with respect to it.

·         Introduce participants to financial statements and their use in decision making by board members.

·         Explore the interaction between financial and strategic decision making.

·         Provide participants with insights on performance measurement and management.

·         Provide a framework for risk management for directors.


The overall program goals are to:

• Advance participants’ knowledge of governance

• Enhance the financial literacy of participants

• Provide a framework for risk management

• Deliver insights on board effectiveness

• Develop insights on performance measurement and management



The program is offered at the ROTMAN delivery facility at 105 St. George Street, Toronto.  A list of hotels within walking distance will be provided. 

REGISTRATION LIMITED!   The program is open exclusively to CPA member associations and limited to 24 participants.


CPA Executive Programs
CPA Executive Programs