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CPA-Robert Warner Memorial Fund

Help us help the families of police officers killed in the line of duty. The CPA-Robert Warner Memorial Fund was established in 2006 to provide immediate financial assistance, in the form of a one-time lump-sum payment, to the families of police officers killed in the line of duty. 

The CPA-Robert Warner Memorial Fund is a Registered Charity.

Our goals for 2008 are to launch several fundraising initiatives, and to begin making financial contributions to the families of police officers killed in the line of duty from January 1, 2008 forward. The fundraising events planned thus far include a Motorcycle Ride by the Toronto Chapter Warthogs Motorcycle Club this September, and a “Punch-Up at Parliament” boxing event to be hosted on the Memorial Weekend. In addition we continue to receive contributions from iDNA Cheques, and other forms of contributions from individuals and organizations, including our member police associations. One example is the National Peace Officers Memorial Run, which made a contribution of $1,000.00 in 2007. We are grateful to all of the organizers and participants in these events for their support. We need to do much more to achieve our goals!

Please answer this call for service!

The CPA is asking our members and member associations to consider fundraising events and contributions to help us build this fund to something we can all be proud of. In order to limit administrative expenses for the Fund, and thereby ensure that the families will receive the most benefit possible from your generous contributions, the CPA and Paystation have provided “in kind contributions” of administrative, marketing, legal and operating costs.

It is hard to imagine the enormity of the loss for a family, when their loved one is killed in the line of duty. Our goal is to provide immediate financial support to the families, to reduce their anxiety over immediate financial demands. You can help us by making a tax deductible contribution today, and by considering regular tax deductible contributions for the future.

A Final Gift of Kindness

Anthony (Tony) Plexman, a retired Sudbury police officer, passed away on February 1st, 2008. He had asked his family that in lieu of flowers, his family and friends send donations to the CPA-Robert Warner Memorial Fund. We are extremely grateful to Tony’s wife, Mrs. Catherine Plexman, and their family and friends for fulfilling this wish. Through this single gift of kindness, over $2,600 dollars was contributed in Tony’s memory!

Yes! I want to help the families of police officers killed in the line of duty!