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TD Insurance is offering members of the CPA the opportunity to benefit from special privileges, such as preferred group rates, enhanced coverage and flexible limits. They believe in making insurance easy to understand so you can choose your coverage with confidence.

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or call (toll-free) 1-866-955-5558.

Cottage Insurance

As you visit your cottage or cabin this summer, make sure you're aware about insurance coverage for your "home away from home." Affinity partner, TD Insurance, shares some vacation coverage basics ► 

Burglar Proofing your home

When you travel on vacation this summer, make sure it looks like someone is still living in your home. Learn tips to burglar-proof your home, with affinity partner, TD Insurance. ► 

Backyard hazard safety tips

Summer's here! It’s time to get out into the backyard and enjoy the pleasures of warmer weather. Affinity partner, TD Insurance,  shares  tips on how to avoid backyard risks ► 

Insurance when you're on the move

Whether you’re on vacation or running errands, the liability insurance in your homeowner’s policy has you covered. Learn more about insurance when you're on the move via affinity partner TD Insurance. ► 

10 Tips to Save on Car Insurance

Employees have access to preferred rates with affinity partner, TD Insurance. Become an informed consumer as you look to save on your car insurance, and keep these 10 Tips to Save, in mind ► 


Own a motor home? Feel right at home behind the wheel with these smooth driving and parking tips from affinity partner, TD Insurance ► 

Buying a new car

Buying a new car is a significant purchase for most of us, so it pays to do your research and a little prep-work before walking into a dealership. Our affinity partner, TD Insurance, shares some things every new car buyer needs to know ► 

Roadside Emergency Kit

Driving long distances this summer? Keeping a roadside emergency kit in your trunk could save your life, as well as the lives of your passengers. Affinity partner, TD Insurance, shares a checklist of what to include in your kit ► 

Liability Coverage

As the saying goes, accidents will happen. Like your son's baseball breaking the neighbour’s window. Avoid the blame game by making sure you're aware of the liability coverage  your policy contains, with affinity partner, TD Insurance ► 

Employee Benefits

Take advantage of your employee privileges: with lower preferred rates, you could save on your home and auto insurance with TD Insurance. 
Learn more ► 

Did you know that we work with TD Insurance to provide you with a home and auto insurance program to meet your needs? Employees have access to special offers and preferred group rates as well as other benefits. 
Find out how much you could save ► 

Vehicle Estimate Comparison Tool

In the market for a new vehicle? Affinity partner, TD Insurance, has a handy tool that allows you to compare insurance premiums for different vehicles. 
Check it out here ► 

Mobile App

Get convenient access to home & auto insurance FAQs with the mobile app from affinity partner, TD Insurance. 
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